A Great Alternative of High Heels – Stylish and Comfortable Flats

No matter how obsessed you are with high heels, you should have at least a pair of comfortable and stylish flats in your wardrobe to give a break to the heels sometimes. When you want to go shopping or hang out with your friends, the best shoes to wear must be flats. This kind of footwear is so versatile that you can wear them for both casual and formal occasions. You can wear a pair of black flats for work or choose a pair of delicate ballet flats in gold hue for a party. Besides, a pair of perfect flats can polish up any outfit, from casual jeans to formal dresses.

Just like buying high heels, the choice of flats should also be made based on the needs of occasions and styles. There is a wide selection of flats available in various materials, colors, styles and sizes. In spite of so many wonderful options, you shouldn’t miss three stylish types this season, black ballet flats, animal print flats, studded leather flats.

Black ballet flats

This kind of flats is the most common type in the market. parc clematis They are great for anyone especially for women who attach more importance to the comfort than glamorous appearance. If you want to look sophisticated at work, in addition to black pumps, black ballet flats are definitely qualified to complete your desirable image and at the same time, also add a touch of chic style to your look.

Animal print flats

Every woman wants to infuse style with comfort. For this season, the perfect combination of style and comfort can be seen in animal print flats, which are rather popular among fashion addicts nowadays. You can wear them with ease and charm, expressing your fashion statement easily. Let’s simply put it this way, a pair of animal print flats is enough to compliment your whole outfit.

Studded leather flats

Studded leather flats can easily stand out among other kinds of flats because of the bold and chic design of studs embedded all over the shoes. If you want to add a little rock and roll style to your outfit, simply wear these flats with skinny jeans and biker jackets.

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