The Future of Digital Currencies

“Ah but it’s Digital now”. “Digital” a word whose origins lie in the latin digitalis, from digitus (“finger, toe”); now it’s use is synonymous with computers and televisions, cameras, music players, watches, etc, etc, etc. But what of digital money or even digital democracy?

The printing press caused a revolution in its time, hailed as a democratic force for good by many. Books available to the masses was indeed a revolution; and now we also have e-books and technological devices to read them with. The fact that the original words have been encoded into a numerical form and decoded back to words electronically does not mean we trust less the words we are reading, but we may still prefer the aesthetics of a physical book than a piece of high-tech plastic which needs to have its battery charged to keep working. Can digital currencies such as bitcoin really provide a contribution to positive social change in as spectacular a way?

To answer this we must ask what of money, how are we to understand it, use it and incorporate it into a sustainable model of a ‘better world for all?’ Money, unlike any other form of property, is unique in that it may be used for anything prior to an event even occurring. It implies nothing, yet can be used for great good or great evil, and yet it is only what it is despite its many manifestations and consequences. It is a unique but much misunderstood and misused commodity. Money has the simplicity of facilitating buying and selling, and a mathematical complexity as demonstrated by the financial markets; and yet it has no notion of egalitarianism, moral or ethical decision making. It acts as an autonomous entity, yet it is both endogenous and exogenous to the global community. It has no personality and is easily replaceable, yet it is treated as a finite resource in the global context, its growth governed by a set of complex rules which determine the way in which it may behave. Yet despite this the outcomes are never completely predictable and, furthermore; a commitment to social justice and an aversion to moral turpitude is not a requirement of its use.

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In order for a currency to effectively perform the financial functions required of it, the intrinsic-value of money has to be a commonly held belief by those who use it. In November 2013 the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs acknowledged that virtual currencies are a legitimate means of payment, an example of such is Bitcoin. Due to the very low transaction fees charged by the ‘Bitcoin network’ it offers a very real way to allow the transfer of funds from migrant workers sending money back to their families without having to pay high transfer fees currently charged by companies. A European Commission calculated that if the global average remittance of 10% were reduced to 5% (the ‘5×5’ initiative endorsed by the G20 in 2011), this could result in an additional US$ 17 billion flowing into developing countries; the use of the blockchain would reduce these fees near to zero. These money transfer companies who extract wealth from the system may become dis-intermediated through the use of such an infrastructure.

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Top 5 Strategies To Get YOUR Economy Moving!

I love those ads, have you seen them, the ones that talk about “my economy”? They are for some monetary or insurance agency, I don’t know which, and they highlight a client touting the excellencies of how this organization helped them fix “their economy,” the one in “their home.”

I love those ads since I love the expression fix “my economy.” I think it is splendid. Since by the day’s end isn’t that what we are stressed over, attempting to locate the best arrangements and thoughts to get our economy going once more?

So what do you have to do to get your economy going, to get things in the groove again and pointing a positive way? All things considered, in light of the exploration and meetings I accomplished for my new book, Winning In The Trust and Value Economy: A Guide To Business and Sales Success, here are the main 5:

Grasp Reality – Face it, hopefully someone will ride in on a white pony, or wave an enchantment wand, or snap their heels multiple times and this economy would refocus. In any case, actually, let me be the first to state, “That ain’t going to occur!” No one else is going to fix this economy, on the grounds that in all actuality this economy can’t be fixed. Why? Actually it isn’t broken; it is evolving.

Our general public, our way of life, is actually experiencing a financial move – a progress as it were. A progress that is realizing outrageous change, and a totally different method for working together. Rolling out this improvement is, without a doubt, troublesome. We are animals of propensity, and regardless of whether we realize that change is acceptable, we despite everything oppose it. In any event, when we know it is inescapable, immediate Edge Software we despite everything battle it. Regardless of whether we realize the change would achieve better outcomes, we despite everything battle with progress.

So on the off chance that you need to prevail right now, initial step is to grasp your new reality. Comprehend that occasions are unique, things have changed, and you have to become familiar with the new guidelines. You have to focus on what your clients need, what representatives expect, and what your clients are doing.

Concentrate on Values – Welcome to the time of trustworthiness, and the economy where what you do is as significant, if not increasingly significant, than what you state. As an expert, CEO or entrepreneur, you have to know what your identity is and a big motivator for you so as to draw in, hold and genuinely develop customer connections.

The present customers need and anticipate more. They just need to Google to discover the items or administrations they need. So buyers need something all the more convincing to make them purchase, something all the more remarkable to make them part with their cash, and that something is trust and worth.

The present customers are searching for organizations and individuals they can manufacture associations with; those they can trust. Creating trust is a long procedure that must be worked through predictable, positive communication between the client and the organization. So as organizations and experts, the best way to guarantee your client gets positive, reliable association is to make a culture saturated with values.

Fabricate Your Image – White clamor! On the off chance that you asked me for what valid reason most promoting dollars are being squandered and publicizing messages are getting lost I would need to state background noise. There is simply a lot of it out there nowadays, and customers are overpowered with an excessive amount of data. Not exclusively can we not hear it, we are certainly not tuning in. In the event that you need to prevail in the present Trust and Value Economy, you need to get over the fight, you need to stick out, and you must be anything other than background noise.

Presently, before I upset all my showcasing and promoting companions, if you don’t mind let me state that advertising and publicizing are as yet significant, if not basic, to progress. It is sufficiently not. You need to accomplish more to get over the background noise. The best way to do that is to manufacture your picture, set up your notoriety, and get individuals discussing you. You need to quit pushing messages out, and begin pulling your clients in.

In the Trust and Value Economy you can’t get by on just those clients you go out and get; you need clients coming to you. By putting resources into building your picture and making your notoriety, you can really drive clients to you, provoking their curiosity to come approaching you instead of you continually approaching them.

Put resources into Relationships – We have all heard it said over and over: connections are the new cash. While this has consistently been valid, it has never been more genuine than right now. The more individuals you know, the more individuals who know you, and the more individuals you help, the more fruitful you will be.

Achievement today requires some serious energy. Customers are sick of getting hit with sales reps stressed over making objective and pushing to make a deal. They are searching for that expert or entrepreneur who genuinely needs to put resources into helping them become fruitful. Once more, that requires significant investment.

In the event that you need to hang out in the Trust and Value Economy, at that point put resources into building connections. Find a workable pace customers; what their identity is; what is essential to them and what both their basic needs and long haul objectives are. Discover approaches to assist them with being effective. Make associations and make open doors for them and their workers. To hang out right now, need to put resources into connections, and be resolved to give with no desire for return. The expert who puts resources into connections is the expert individuals talk about, and the person who is vital.

Get Your Head Out Of The Sand – There is more going on right now what’s going on in your business. On the off chance that all you needed to stress over was your own every day challenges you would really be fit as a fiddle. Be that as it may, the Trust and Value Economy is offering unmistakably more difficulties and openings outside of your business than inside your business.

To be fruitful today, you have to get your head out of the sand and investigate. Ask yourself: What is occurring in your general surroundings? What is changing with buyers? How is your industry reacting and developing? What’s going on strategically? What cultural patterns could emphatically or adversely sway your business?


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