A Great Alternative of High Heels – Stylish and Comfortable Flats

No matter how obsessed you are with high heels, you should have at least a pair of comfortable and stylish flats in your wardrobe to give a break to the heels sometimes. When you want to go shopping or hang out with your friends, the best shoes to wear must be flats. This kind of footwear is so versatile that you can wear them for both casual and formal occasions. You can wear a pair of black flats for work or choose a pair of delicate ballet flats in gold hue for a party. Besides, a pair of perfect flats can polish up any outfit, from casual jeans to formal dresses.

Just like buying high heels, the choice of flats should also be made based on the needs of occasions and styles. There is a wide selection of flats available in various materials, colors, styles and sizes. In spite of so many wonderful options, you shouldn’t miss three stylish types this season, black ballet flats, animal print flats, studded leather flats.

Black ballet flats

This kind of flats is the most common type in the market. parc clematis They are great for anyone especially for women who attach more importance to the comfort than glamorous appearance. If you want to look sophisticated at work, in addition to black pumps, black ballet flats are definitely qualified to complete your desirable image and at the same time, also add a touch of chic style to your look.

Animal print flats

Every woman wants to infuse style with comfort. For this season, the perfect combination of style and comfort can be seen in animal print flats, which are rather popular among fashion addicts nowadays. You can wear them with ease and charm, expressing your fashion statement easily. Let’s simply put it this way, a pair of animal print flats is enough to compliment your whole outfit.

Studded leather flats

Studded leather flats can easily stand out among other kinds of flats because of the bold and chic design of studs embedded all over the shoes. If you want to add a little rock and roll style to your outfit, simply wear these flats with skinny jeans and biker jackets.

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7 Exciting Benefits for Health and Weight Loss

This aromatic and unusual flavour of organic green tea is loved by many people around the world who recognise the positive effects on the body and mind. Its history can be traced back to Asia where it was used as both a herbal medicine and a drink. One of the earliest documented uses of this tea is as a medicine related to its healing properties for wounds and in controlling blood loss.

Its medical properties have been utilised by the Chinese for centuries. More recently, scientific research has identified an abundance of powerful antioxidants known as Polyphenols. These Polyphenols have been shown to reduce blood clots, attack cancer cells and lower the levels of cholesterol in the body. These beneficial properties have led to green tea being a key ingredient for various weight loss products, diets and health supplements.

One of the main reasons for its legendary effectiveness is the way it is prepared. Obzoroff Organic green tea is picked and steamed and dried quickly preventing the delicate leaves from fermenting. This ensures that the tea retains a higher degree of its natural properties.

Black tea comes from the same types of bushes but instead it is fermented – losing the delicate properties that are retained by green tea leaves. The result in a beverage that some people find more palatable and less bitter.

7 Exciting Beneficial Properties of Green Tea

1. Fighting Cancer Cells: Scientific research indicates that the polyphenol acts as an antioxidant, reducing cancer cell growth.

2. Reduces Blood Pressure: Studies demonstrate that two cups of Green Tea per day can lower blood pressure.

3. Improves Immune System: The Antioxidant effect of polyphenals can impact on infections.

4. Better Digestion: The stomach and digestive tract is soothed and cleansed by specific tannins, providing improved digestion.

5. Dental health: Green Tea improves bad breath and general dental health by destroying bacteria.

6. Weight loss: Scientific research has identified Catechin – a powerful, water-soluble polyphenol and antioxidant that improves metabolism and reduces fat absorption.

7. Stronger bones: Green Tea has been found to have significant levels of Vitamin D, which is important for maintaining bone density.

For such an amazing drink – there has to be a drawback somewhere. It does contain caffeine which for some people can impact on their sleep patterns when drunk at night. Another drawback for some people is that it’s aromatic taste does take some getting used to. You could always try Green Tea in pill form, all the excellent benefits in one little package.

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Naturopathic Doctor Or ND – The Alternative Medicine Provider

So you’re fed up with your doctor or your health in general. You’ve read lots of articles on the internet and in magazines about natural healing in its many different forms. And your friends and family have given you some helpful suggestions. But what’s right for you? How do you know that you won’t do yourself more harm than good by “doing it yourself.” Find a naturopath to help you.

Naturopathy, or naturopathic medicine is a healing system which works with the body’s own ability to heal itself. Hippocrates, born in Greece around 460 B.C., and known as the Father of Medicine (the Hippocratic Oath is based on his teaching), is credited as being the first practitioner of naturopathy. In his many writings he advocated that a sick person should be treated in a holistic manner, not just whatever part was affected. He doubted that illness was caused by evil spirits or angry gods. His treatments emphasized rest, eating right, fresh air and cleanliness.

Dr. Thomas Allinson of Scotland, physician, dietetic reformer, businessman and journalist, is credited with developing the theory of Hygienic Medicine in the 1880s. He championed a regimen of diet, exercise, fresh air and bathing. Whole grains were part of the diet he promoted, and his whole grain bread recipe is still in use today. He was also an early believer that smoking caused cancer.

John Scheele, a New Yorker, coined the term “Naturopathy” in 1895. integrated wellness clinic He sold it to Benedict Lust. Lust, schooled in natural healing in Germany, taught a combination of basic medical sciences and natural healing at the first naturopathic medical school in North America.

The practice of naturopathy declined in the 1930s, as science became able to isolate the healing components of plants and develop medicines that were stronger than those contained in the plants themselves. As the side effects of these stronger medicines came to be known, along with bacteria becoming immune to antibiotics and the spiraling cost of modern medicine, the gentler, holistic art of naturopathy returned.

Naturopaths believe in the healing power of nature–vis medicatrix naturae. Their basic tenet is to do no harm. They are strong advocates of preventative measures to protect the body rather than treating a person after a problem has developed. And as with Hippocrates, they treat the whole patient, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Today, naturopathy takes advantage of many avenues of healing: homeopathy, herbs, chiropractic, naprapathy, nutrition, acupuncture, yoga, relaxation therapy, counseling and many more. Some naturopathic doctors are also trained in the use of diagnostic imaging, blood tests, and ultrasound as further aids in their practice. They do not use surgery or synthetic drugs in their treatments.

At this time, there are two types of naturopaths.

A person who uses title Naturopathic Doctor, or ND, “In addition to a standard medical curriculum…is required to complete four years of training in clinical nutrition, acupuncture, homeopathic medicine, botanical medicine, psychology and counseling (to encourage people to make lifestyle changes in support of their personal health).” (Peter Barry Chowka of NaturalHealers.com)

The college they attend has to be accredited by the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education and they must pass rigorous exams given by the North American Board of Naturopathic Examiners. Fifteen states, the District of Columbia and four Canadian provinces license naturopaths.

Traditional naturopaths use the same natural treatments as those who are licensed. They usually have years of study and generally belong to professional organizations that oversee naturopathic practices; however, they have not taken accredited training. They often work in partnership with MDs, rather than as physicians themselves.

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A Larger Penis Boosts Psychological Health

From the first days of puberty and showers after physical education, boys begin to worry about the size of their penis. Older boys that are pretty endowed make fun of the younger boys that are just beginning to develop into manhood. However, this behavior does not necessarily stop when the boy is older. They still stand around and discuss aspects of their sexual life. Girls and boys, as teenagers, differ in the things they talk about when it comes to sex, men they look at the size of their penis and how far they got with their girlfriends. Girls look more to the romantic side, how cool, and good-looking their boyfriend is. Here come even more problems.

To be cool the guy he must be confident, if his penis ISO 45003 is small, he has been teased because of it and he feels inferior he will not have the confidence he needs to attract girls. This mental state travels with the boy into manhood.

As a man, he still may feel inferior because of his small penis, or what he believes is a small penis because of past experiences. Women can tell a successful man with one glance, not because of his car, his clothing, or his looks but how he actually carries himself.

At this point, many men with a small penis may not be performing well in the romance department, but he may also be failing at work. Men in business can see if a man has less confidence in himself and many times, he is overlooked when it comes to promotions even when he is excellent at his job.

If any of this sounds familiar to you then maybe you should consider penis enlargement methods. A larger penis will give you the confidence you need to ask out the girl in the office or the one that works in the deli. You will no longer feel inferior to other men such as your boss; because you know that, he has nothing on you.

Remember, though, enlarging your penis does not mean you want to get one that is so long that it scares the ladies away you just desire one that is impressive in length say around 8 inches. Longer penises can in fact be uncomfortable to some women, especially small dainty ones. Their vaginas are not long enough for the penis to fit without hitting the uterus and this can become painful with all the thrusting.

Longer penises and ones with more girth with give you confidence, more stamina for a romp in the hay, more control over your ejaculation, longer love making sessions and in many cases please your lover more.

Leave depression, low self-esteem, and loneliness in the past and look toward your future with a penis enlargement method that will have you on the road of success in no time.

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Purchasing a Cutting Board

Size of the Cutting Board – What size cutting board do you need for your kitchen? A cutting board is a kitchen essential and some believe that the size of your kitchen and where you are going to store it determine what kind of cutting board you have. A large cutting board or butcher block can rest right on your work station. The size of the your kitchen sink plays a factor in determining the size of a cutting board. You should be able to fit the board into the sink to wash it one half at at time. It doesn’t have to lie flat in the sink. If you are going to store the cutting board on your counter, you need to consider how much counter space you have. Every kitchen should have at least one large cutting board. A bigger board, makes your work space area more manageable and organized. A size assortment of cutting boards for prep work, cutting small things or displaying cheese and crackers is also an option. Just remember, you want a board that is a little bigger than your knife. If you are using a plastic board, you’ll want one that will fit into your dishwasher. The dishwasher is the only way to sterilize a board after cutting fish, meat or poultry.

Shape and Thickness of the Cutting Board – There are pros and cons to having a thick cutting board. Unless you are a professional butcher, you don’t need a thick butcher block cutting board. They are fun to work on but they’re big and bulky making them difficult to clean. A thin flexible cutting board is perfect for vegetables and adding them right to the pot or pan. The shape of a cutting board (rectangle, square or round) depends on what works best for you.

Wood or Synthetic– Which material is the safest to use? This is always a big cutting boards question that we’ll shed some light on. Plastic and wood are the best materials for cutting boards. I own both wood and plastic cutting boards. I use the plastic for all my raw meats, poultry and fish because the plastic cutting board fits nicely in my dishwasher which sterilizes it. The dishwasher is not recommended for most wooden boards as they will eventually dry out and crack.

Recent research has confirmed the conventional belief that plastic is safer than wood for cutting meat and poultry.

One study reported that new wooden boards had antimicrobial qualities while plastic cutting boards trapped bacteria. However, more recent studies by the best cutting boards Food and Drug Administration found that microorganisms became trapped in wood surfaces and were difficult to dislodge by rinsing. Once trapped, bacteria survive in a dormant stage for long periods of time. The next time the cutting board is used, these bacteria could contaminate other foods, potentially causing food-borne illness. The study also found that microorganisms were easily washed off plastic surfaces.

Cutting board care recommendations are:

1. Keep all cutting boards clean by washing with hot soapy water and a brush after each use. Rinse and air dry or pat dry with paper towels. Acrylic, plastic, glass, and solid non-poruous wood boards can be washed in an automatic dishwasher. 2. Sanitize both wood and plastic cutting boards with a diluted chlorine bleach or vinegar solution consisting of one teaspoon of liquid chlorine bleach in one quart of water or a one to five dilution of vinegar. Flood the surface with the sanitizing solution and allow it to soak for several minutes, then rinse and air dry or pat dry with paper towels. 3. Discard excessively worn cutting boards. 4. Use a separate cutting board and knives for raw foods that require cooking. For example, use one for meat, poultry, or fish, and another for cooked or ready-to-eat foods such as fruit, vegetables, and bread.

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Experience Dubai – The Desert Safari

Dubai has become one of the world’s most sought after vacation destinations. This small city-country has more to offer than most countries that stretch across several time zones. The government of Dubai and the businessmen are always inventing new and exciting ways to attract tourists and provide an action packed vacation. There is even skiing in an enclosed ski mall. That is skiing on real snow in a controlled environment in the middle of desert, how cool is that. Of all the fantastic attractions in Dubai though one stands out as the most popular and exhilarating experience, the Dubai desert safari.

The safari expeditions all leave from the central city and take adventurers out into the dessert. Transportation is in a temperature controlled all wheel drive vehicle for safety and comfort. Travelers are able to choose from several options of the Dubai Desert experience. Depending on the time available and what the traveler wishes to see each of these options offers a fantastic time in the desert with the opportunity to take photos, ride camels, enjoy cuisine of Dubai and return safely to the city.

The morning desert safari is a two hour trip into the desert that provides the opportunity to do some Dune bashing with the tour guides. Dune bashing encompasses riding up and down the dunes in the sport utility vehicle while the guide criss-crosses sand dunes and traverses the desert safari  narrow ridges. There is also the opportunity to do a quad bike run on the sand dunes. The morning safari also includes camel rides and the opportunity to go sand skiing or sand boarding down the terrific sand dunes of the desert.

The most popular desert safari trip offered is the evening safari. Leaving the city at 4:00 p.m. the entire experience will last for six hours. Participants will be able to go dune bashing, visit a camel farm and ride the camels, participate in quad biking if desired and sand boarding. Time is taken at sunset so that the guests can take photographs of the stunning desert sunsets. Watching the sun set peacefully over the dunes of the desert is and experience rarely encountered. The dramatic colors that illuminate the evening sky are breathtaking. After sunset a bar-b-que is prepared and everyone is treated to the local cuisine. The safari ends with the smoking of the Shisha Arabian water pipe and a belly dancing exhibition. For six excitement packed hours travelers are transported into the world of the desert and then safely returned to the city for the wonderful nightlife Dubai has to offer.

For the truly adventurous there is an overnight expedition into the desert. This trip will leave the inner city between 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. and return the next morning at 9:00 a.m. During the seventeen hours in the desert tourists are treated to a whole host of activities. From the dramatic desert sunsets to the stimulating sunrise in the morning these are action packed hours of fun. Included activities are dune bashing, camel riding, sand boarding, quad biking (additional charges may apply), an evening Bar-B-Que, henna painting, belly dancing, evening activities and a breakfast in the morning. Snacks are provided throughout the trip as well as a sleeping bag and blankets for the overnight stay. The Shisha is offered for those seeking the traditional Hubblee Bubblee experience of the water pipe.

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Understanding Oil Return in Refrigeration Systems – Part 1

With few exceptions, all compressors that are lubricated with oil will discharge oil into the gas stream. The rate of discharge can be as small as parts of oil per million parts of refrigerant for direct drive hermetic centrifugal compressors and as much as several percent for screw compressors. Oil discharge rates are usually expressed in terms of lbm of oil discharged per lbm of refrigerant compressed or in mass percent of oil in the discharge gas.

Oil in compressor discharge gas is in two forms: fine magnolia oil droplets (mist) in the gas stream; and liquid oil driven by the gas velocity, crawling along the tube walls. Oil flows from the compressor with the discharge gas through the oil separator (if equipped and always less than 100% efficient), and into the condenser. The liquid leaving the condenser consists mostly of refrigerant with some amount of dissolved oil (assuming that the oil is miscible in the refrigerant). The oil content in the liquid refrigerant at this point is the same as the oil discharge rate of the compressor/separator.

The liquid oil-containing refrigerant flows through the expansion valve and into the evaporator. In the evaporator, the refrigerant boils off delivering its refrigerating effect. The oil, however, does not evaporate as its boiling temperature is very high relative to the temperatures existing in the evaporator. In the absence of an oil return system, oil will continue to collect and concentrate in the evaporator which will lead to two negative consequences: heat transfer in the evaporator will be progressively degraded and the compressor will eventually run out of oil shutting it down. Hence, an effective oil return system is essential.

Refrigerant and Oil Mass Flow Balance in a Flooded Evaporator

Consider the evaporator of an operating water chiller. Oil is arriving at a certain rate, specifically: the oil discharge rate of the compressor less the removal rate of the oil separator, if equipped. For illustration purposes, assume the mass arrival rate in the evaporator to be 2 lb of oil along with 1000 lb of refrigerant liquid in one hour. The compressor/separator has an oil discharge rate of 0.2%, i.e. mass of oil per mass of refrigerant compressed expressed as a percent. This would be a good discharge rate for a screw compressor/separator.

Oil is also leaving the evaporator via the oil return system. The amount of oil leaving via the oil return system is a function of the liquid removal rate and the concentration of oil in that liquid. Let us assume that the oil return system draws 50 lbs of refrigerant/oil mixture from the evaporator per hour. If the concentration of oil in the evaporator liquid is say 2%, then the oil returned is 1 lb per hour. Since this leaving rate is less than the arrival rate, oil will further accumulate in the evaporator and the oil concentration will rise. Under the conditions stated above the oil concentration in the evaporator will rise to and stabilize at 4%.

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Appreciate Totosite online casino ideas


With respect to betting there are various sorts of betting in which the card sharks are progressively enthusiastic about club betting and sports wagering. The essential objective of playing betting is to secure money as they can pick up benefits for the little theory. In a wide scope of betting for a single victor there will be a lot of disappointment. Hence the champ takes giant money from the supreme bet aggregate on a particular game. In every single game they pick there will be different rounds of wagering and in each wagering they have to put their stake. When wagering is started bettors should put the stake according to various bettors and everyone will fix an entirety for wagering. In case any bettor wins, the person being referred to can take the triumphant bet entirety in the last round.


As it unquestionably understood that in each round of the game, wagering will change because in each round specific bettors will lose and leave from the game. As they leave, wagering will be called again and they bettors will change the wagering total. Also there will be various wagering for a singular game. This 먹튀검증 is eminently overseen in the land based betting so the betting districts use all of the potential results to cause wagering less complex for the people who to lean toward web based betting.

Tremendous number of card sharks chooses to play web based betting as they feel it as pleasant and basic technique for betting as they can play it from wherever and they 안전놀이터 don’t need to take off to the betting concentrations and gambling clubs. As the amount of online theorists is growing every day the betting regions or bookies or administrators use pattern setting development and programming to make web based wagering more straightforward for them. Card sharks can experience famous games wagering from online gambling club, the primary games bookie.


If you have to play sports wagering, by then you can use online club that helps the games bettors in various habits. They can get the necessary assistance for a wide scope of sports wagering as the bookies helps in using the wagering lines, using the item support and to get specific and customer care support. The reality of the situation is that sports wagering are very eminent on online than online club betting. Individuals who are enthusiastic about games wagering can endeavor arranged sorts of sports wagering, for instance, football sports wagering, b-ball wagering, baseball wagering, tennis and cricket wagering. Support judi bookie to acknowledge needed games and gambling club wagering.

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5 Excuse-Kicking Weight Loss Tips For Busy People

Weight loss is an easy thing to do but I admit that it takes time. This little disadvantage had gave people, sometimes you yourself or one of your friends and family members an excuse for not losing weight – “I don’t have time!”

Isn’t this a lame excuse? Well, from today onwards, kick that stupid excuse away as I am going to show you 5 excuse-kicking weight loss tips for busy people.

Weekends are perfect for weight loss activities

Weight loss success can be met if you have 3-5 days a week to implement your weight loss strategies and weekends (normally you will have two days) are just perfect. Use your weekends to fit in all the workout schedule rather than spending your time on the couch or feasting which will add nothing but weight and fat inside your body.

Be motivated, not disappointed

Busy people have difficulties implementing weight loss tips as sometimes they need to bring the work back home and I understand that. With this, weight loss can be very disappointing because the plans are not carried out consistently. Try to be motivated more to the weight loss side, you can be stretching and have a small on-the-spot job sparingly while you are working.

Make others lose weight with you

When you lose weight but everybody else is not, you feel lonely and wanted to join what are they doing. Why not make them join you? Your kids is the best to start with because they will be excited to see you motivated to lose weight. Exercise with them and share or compare the results with them. With this, you are more likely to follow your weight loss plans!

Weight loss as an high priority item in your to-do list

Weight loss is not a supplementary activity for you. idealica farmacia Weight loss is the most important activity to you! If you don’t lose weight and fat now, you will be unhealthy and in the end, you will die early from serious diseases. Serious enough? Make weight loss you top priority and don’t cancel them off just because you have a file to complete for your boss.

Make others understand your weight loss plans

Let your boss, friends, colleagues and family members know that you are on a weight loss program and don’t be feel ashamed as you are caring for your body. Apart from getting motivating words from them, this will keep them away from delegating tasks to you which will provide time for your weight loss activities!

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Learn How to Save Money on Auto Parts

We all need cars to drive to and from work and just to get around in general. Even so, from time to time our autos break down or we get in wrecks and we need certain auto parts. If you’ve ever looked for auto parts for your car, you’ve in all likelihood noticed how expensive they can be. How can you repair your car and still save money? Well, if you do not know a thing about cars, you’re going to have to go to a store where they will not only charge you for auto parts but also for labor. If you know how to fix your own automobile, there are numerous thoughts on how to save money on car parts. You should unquestionably shop around to receive the best price on the best auto parts for your car.

Rules of thumb For purchasing Car Parts Online

If you are planning to purchase auto parts online there are a couple of guidelines you should follow. I’m going to attempt to help you as best and quickly as I used auto parts can with a a couple of uncomplicated principles that will make buying auto parts online a breeze.

Shopping For automobile Parts on the internet

The World Wide Web is a great resource whenever you’re just shopping around looking for auto parts. It can allow for valuable information as well as pricing guidelines on almost every auto part ever made. There will obviously be some very hard to find parts that the internet will not be able to help you with, but for most common parts it is an invaluable resource.

Note how I said shopping but not buying. I would use and abuse the internet to find out as much competitive information on the particular part you are looking for. Then before buying the research for the best deal. And don’t forget to include the shipping cost into your budget.

Make notes on the part or parts you are looking for and see what the best prices you are able to find . Remember, if you can get the same part locally for less than what you are finding on the net (don’t forget to include the tax) then you might want to consider buying locally.

This is true for both new and used parts, but I would highly recommend only buying used auto parts online if it is your only recourse. Used parts can be very difficult to determine quality even with the product in hand, much less through someone’s web page who is trying to sell it to you.

While you may not be interested in buying used car parts online, again the internet can provide you with valuable information to find the part you need. Instead of having to call many different junk yards looking for your part, you can use the internet to track it down and get pricing. Hopefully you can find a junk yard locally that will be able to help you out. If not perhaps you can find one fairly nearby that you could drive to.

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